Teacher Teenie (3-Day Class)

Teacher Teenie began her teaching career at the age of 7 – her first class was a motley crew of stuffed animals, and she loved each and every one. From that humble beginning she has continued to pursue her passion for teaching. Teenie’s background includes a BS. with a major in Art, and an MAT. in E.C.E with a certification in Elementary Education. During college and after, she enjoyed taking courses in Environmental Education and teaching in Outdoor Education Programs.

Teenie and her husband relocated to Oregon from Pennsylvania in 1987. The next year she began teaching at a local Parent Cooperative Preschool. During the 17 years she spent there, she relished the strong community ties for herself and her two sons. Both sons are products of a ‘co-op’ education rooted in the philosophy of play. Ross will soon be 22, and Lee is 17. In 2005, Teenie left that wonderful environment to complete her student teaching in elementary education. For the next few years she taught in elementary settings, with time spent in a Reggio program, as well as time spent helping to start a small local parent cooperative elementary school.

Now I find myself circling back to my first love – young children and their parents. I bring lots of hands on experience, a firm knowledge of childhood beginnings as well as an understanding and appreciation for where kids are heading next on the developmental continuum. I love creating a learning environment filled with compassion, collaboration, invention, imagination and lots of playful laughter. Along with teaching, I continue to pursue art in my free time. I am happiest when I can blend my love of art, nature and children into a delicious mixture of fun. It is an honor to be a teacher at Oswego Playschool, working alongside parents and building meaningful friendships with all who walk through our door.


Teacher Phoebe (2-day & Parent-Tot class)

Teacher Phoebe had her first co-operative preschool experience at the age of 3 when she and her mother began attending the Sierra Madre Community Pre-school. Ever since her days of messy art, singing, building (with real hammers, nails and wood!) and imaginative play, she has been an advocate for play-based learning.

Phoebe has been working with young children since she, herself, was a young child. She has been employed as a babysitter, nanny, lifeguard, swimming teacher, music teacher, and worked extensively with children with special needs as an ABA therapist. Phoebe earned a BA in English with an emphasis in children’s and adolescent literature. She kept her self busy during the last 11 years raising her 4 children, who have all attended co-op preschools. When their family relocated from Northern California to Lake Oswego, 6 years ago, Phoebe sought out Oswego Playschool so that they could continue to enjoy the community that accompanies the co-op experience.

During her (limited) free time, Phoebe is an avid reader, dabbles in sewing, enjoys cooking, loves movies and is happiest when hanging out with her family. 

Having the opportunity to lead 2 year olds and their parents through their first preschool experience is priceless. This age is such a magical time of discovery and early independence- I love being able to observe and enrich their experiences at the Playschool.