2 & 3 Day classes

  • Our 2-Day Class is open to students who will be age 3 by September 1
  • Class hours are Tuesday and Friday from 9:30 am - 12:00 pm
  • Tuition is $130 per month
  • Our 3-Day class is open to students who will be age 4 by September 1
  • Class hours are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9:30 am - 1:00 pm
  • Tuition is $195 per month



Each day at Oswego Playschool brings a child-driven journey to Learning Through Play. Under the guidance of dedicated parent teachers and led by Teacher Teenie, students choose their curriculum. We make a distinction between structure and control. We "structure" the environment and the children control how/when/where they play. 

The 2- and 3-Day classes follow a daily schedule of time together and opportunities for independent exploration. Children are encouraged to make their own choices that allow them to foster independence and take ownership of their classroom. They sign themselves in and chose jobs for the day. Circle Time brings them together to sing songs and learn about the day’s themes and activities. They are then free to explore our wonderful classroom! Options include a sensory table that changes material frequently - water, grains, blocks and goo keep them interested in tangible play. Our dramatic play area changes monthly and encourages imaginative journeys. Paints, homemade play dough, and cut-and-punch crafts are always on offer, and Teacher Teenie creates new crafts and activities for our students to experiment with. The class comes together for mid-day snack and story time before heading outside. Our backyard playground is partially covered, meaning we get outside every day! There are many options to appeal to each child, including sand play, bikes and carts, a playhouse, climbing structures, and the longtime favorite vintage merry-go-round that has been enjoyed by decades of kids.

In addition to our creative classroom, the students of Oswego Playschool look forward to field trips, special visitors to the classroom, color days, cooking projects, and themed celebrations based on the seasons and holidays.

Young children learn by doing, and our class days are structured around offering a creative and open environment that stimulates each child.